What a Milestone – 30 Years of Service!

Associates at Carlsbad Inn had the great pleasure of celebrating Eugene Magbata’s 30th Anniversary last month. That is not a typo – yes, he has been at Carlsbad Inn 30 years!

It would be hard to point to any other Associate on the team that has as much of an impact on the Carlsbad Inn service culture and the Owners’ experience. He is by far our most recognizable Associate, guests have fond memories of their interaction with him.

As a Houseman in our Housekeeping Department, I would guess Eugene has walked an average of 13 miles a day, more than 100,000 miles (that’s over 4 times around earth) every place possible at the resort. There is a joke that Eugene moves fast enough to be two people. Well, during the lunch to celebrate his anniversary a lot of people were thrown off when his twin brother Alan showed up.  It was hilarious to see people talk to Alan like he was Eugene and Alan was eating it up!

The highlight was seeing Eugene so proud with his family in attendance as we acknowledged his service and watched a slideshow photos from many year’s past.
Congrats to Eugene hopefully he will be at Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort another 30 years! Could we be so lucky!

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