Summer Reflection

As the season changes to fall, can’t help but reflect on another fun and busy summer at Carlsbad Inn. Summer is what we call ‘Reunion Season’ at the Resort. Any given week of the summer we will host numerous family reunions and it never gets old seeing grandkids enjoying time with their grandparents and in many cases their great-grandparents. One family comes to mind that exemplifies the impact of Carlsbad Inn Hotel and timeshare ownership at the resort, a family from Arizona. They are relatively new to Carlsbad Inn; the first reunion was in 2006 when they rented 20 hotel rooms for a week. They fell in love with the experience Family_pooland ten years later they have grown to 50 people and now own 7 units in the condos (looking to purchase anything that comes available during their week) and reserve hotel rooms for the remaining family members!

The family is all smiles when around the property, shop owners recognize and love them and they are so gracious to our Associates for helping build the memories. That is just one example of many and it is so wonderful to be a part of a team and an industry that provides that experience for families!

Think of Carlsbad Inn for your next reunion of family or friends with several room options, unbeatable location, numerous activities and amenities your guests will be reflecting on the memories made at Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort for years to come. Call 760-434-7020 for information.

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