Renovating a Property We All Love

The quaint property that brings back many great memories for guests year after year is kicking off a several-phase facelift. With a recent designer’s presentation at Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort of the color board and plans, there is an enthusiastic buzz for the exciting change!

The palette is gorgeous, fun and inviting all while keeping the “classic” and “comfy” feel that our guests have loved when they visit. The coral-orange and sea foam tones used as the accent colors are a perfect match to many of the amazing sunsets guests can see from the courtyard.

The General Manager of nearly 21 years, Randal Chapin, will oversee the endeavor and says “The charm of the Carlsbad Inn keeps people returning with their families in some cases for four generations. We are excited about Carlsbad Inn being ‘reborn’ and giving our guests a whole new vacation experience.”

First phase of the renovation started Sunday, April 11th on the hotel rooms which includes a Premier Level with premium rooms for the VIP or special occasion guests. With expanded bathrooms, marble vanities, marble walk-in showers and amenities such as iHome docking station, flat screen television, individual coffee brewer and plush robes you will never want to leave!

Starting in September Carlsbad Inn’s condo units will receive their enhancements and the owners are already asking for paint color codes to use at home! I have a feeling we will have a lot of requests on how to find furniture and accessories used in the rooms… everyone is going to want replicate the new look and feel of Carlsbad Inn.

Included in the project are plans to open up the view from the lobby and library to the jewel of Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort—the lush courtyard and view of the Pacific Ocean. Special attention has been given to the popular meeting and gathering location for all our guests, the courtyard. Flowing walkways and nooks will invite guests to lounge with family and friends and enjoy the beautiful Carlsbad weather while listening to crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean.

During the renovation, everyone on-site is taking great care not to interrupt the guests and the phases are carefully sectioned such as to make the least impact on your stay. Please check our website and Facebook page for updates and a sneak peak of the exciting new look.

Looking out past the renovation, with all the changes Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort will be refreshed and vibrate. But one thing that won’t change is the excellent guest service given to each of our guests! We can’t wait to show you the changes!

Premier Level Model Room

One Response to Renovating a Property We All Love

  1. Pat Says:

    Looks amazing! I have always loved staying there, you are right lots of memories.

    April 13, 2010

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